Educational Institutions


One aspect of our company’s history that we take distinct pride in is our work with colleges and universities. We have established lasting relationships with several institutes of higher learning over the years, wiring everything from dormitories and lecture halls to art museums and science buildings. From Bowdoin College to Colby, University of New England to St. Joseph’s College, we have paved a path of excellence and commitment that is the envy of our industry.

Perhaps our longest running relationship has been with Bowdoin College, where we have provided service and new construction needs for thirty-five years and counting. We have performed more renovations, additions and upgrades of wiring systems for them than we could possibly count, ranging from underground duct banks and primary infrastructure to generator systems, fire alarm, fiber optic, telephone/data/coaxial, fire alarm, door access and security. We have worked on virtually all of their eighty-plus buildings over our history, and continue to serve their needs to this day. We have renovated wiring for mostly all of their dormitories, historic study halls, science buildings and the like and, more recently, the award-winning renovation to the Walker Art building. We were also responsible for wiring the Memorial Hall, where Bowdoin actors and off Broadway performances by the Maine State Music Theater have entertained our community for over fifty years.

Equally important to us is our work at the University of New England. We are proud to have aided the aggressive growth of such a fine learning establishment. Over the last decade we have wired several new dormitories, renovated the Ketchum Library and wired the recent Bush Center. Like Bowdoin, we have provided UNE not only building wiring services, but also telephone/data, fiber optic, fire alarm, underground infrastructure…everything they need, from Alpha to Omega.

Like the above-mentioned campuses, we have worked hand-in-hand over the years with Colby College—another fine establishment. We have performed the same services for them as well, in renovating dormitories, classrooms, and gallery spaces. Like the rest, we have met their needs for infrastructure to support these projects. We have served St. Joseph’s College in the same manner. We continue to strive for excellence in serving such important establishments and look back with pride on our relationships with each of them.



Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Favreau Electric has played a critical role in the design of power and data systems for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's new research laboratory located on the Portland, ME, waterfront. Long before construction began, Favreau Electric engaged in lengthy planning discussions with GMRI staff to understand our goals for this new platform. They have since worked closely with us to understand options and implications of each power-related decision we make. Further, they have done an exemplary job at researching new products and new methods to best suit the needs of our facility. We couldn't be happier with the friendly, engaged and outstanding service we've received from Favreau Electric.

Alan D. Lishness
Chief Innovation Officer
Gulf of Maine Research Institute