University of New England


A few years ago, we received a frantic call from UNE, when an excavator ruptured a live underground conduit. Although digging beyond the area of the conduit, the backhoe snagged a large shard of ledge, which inadvertently plunged into the conduit like a dagger, and browned out the power on that line.

We mobilized quickly, locked out the line to assure that it would not be re-energized, and worked with the earthwork contractor to shovel out the affected conduit. With the conduit exposed, we pulled the damaged conductors back to their source of origin. From there, we cut out the damaged section of conduit and married a replacement section into place, then completed the repair by wrapping the patch with a resin-coated casting material, which restored the conduit to like-new strength. With the problem isolated and the conduit repair complete, we pulled new conductors in, completed terminations and restore power.

This accident occurred on a Friday afternoon, and our crew worked expeditiously into the night to assure that power was restored as soon as possible, leaving a relieved and satisfied customer.