Blaine House, Augusta


Recently, while the second term of Maine Governor Baldacci drew to a close, we were awarded the contract to rewire the historic Blaine House, residence to Maine’s Governors. The project contained many obstacles, not the least of which being the irreplaceable furnishings and wallpapers. One room in particular contained a striped pattern wall paper, patterned after a sample paper from President Lincoln’s White House (the actual sample is framed and hanging within the room in question). Simply put: cutting and patching was not an option.  

Our plan of attack was of an exploratory nature. We began by surveying accessible spaces above and below rooms, to see what ability—if any—we would have to fish cables into wall cavities. From there, we enlisted the help of wall-scanning technology, x-raying the walls to look for fire stop blocking and other obstacles that might prevent cable routing. Finally, when all else failed, we utilized a flexible scope, which could illuminate the cavity of a wall and project an image of the inside of the wall on a monitor, similar to technology used to scan the inside of underground drains and pipes.

The end result was outstanding. We were able to rewire the entire building without sacrificing any of the historic wallpaper or decorative wood moldings, leaving the Blaine House Staff both amazed and satisfied.