Bowdoin College


A few years ago, Bowdoin College contracted our services to assist the Door Access System upgrades to twenty-three of their buildings. The catch was that they needed this project started and completed over their four-week winter break period, while maintaining building access control at all times. On the surface this seemed impossible—four weeks is not exactly a long time for a project of such magnitude, let alone having to do it without getting the old system out of the way first.  

After some thought, we sat down with the facility staff and decided on a plan of attack. We concluded that the best approach was to first install as much infrastructure as possible, making the transition at the end much quicker. In following, we set out installing cabling from controller locations to each individual door, working nights and/or early mornings to avoid classroom and study hall disruptions. We then tackled the installation of the new control boards and related data connections, so that they were already on line and communicating to the system backbone long before the cutovers took place.

Finally, working on a building-by-building basis, we transferred connections from one system to the other, testing and activating each building, so that they were alive and well before we moved on to the next one. The project went off without a hitch, without a single report of students or faculty members unable to access their respective building.